Hand Made

Valentine's Day 

If it's Valentine's Day, there must be a few Valentine's decorations around the house! So this year, I thought to make one of my favorite wreaths..the simple and easy yarn wreath..
A simple but cute layout..all you need to make this is a polyester ring, grey yarn, white yarn and 8-10 pink and red felt hearts. Of course you can choose your favorite colors..but make sure..it's a passionate color...cause' that's what Valentine's Day is all about..Passion!

Yarn Wreaths 

I totally love making these yarn wreaths. I found some inspiration on Pinterest a few months back, and ever since I just can't stop making them. So easy and cute! All you need is yarn and a polyester ring.  
Carefully wrap the yarn around your ring, I usually yarn two layers, and decorate with felt flowers or other embellishments of your linking.

  American Flag Yarn Wreath made for my Classroom Door. So Cute! 

Autumn Wreath 

 Another Autumn Wreath :)

Christmas "Fluffy" Yarn Wreath

Vintage Handmade Ribbon Flowers

Aren't these ribbon flowers simply lovely? I think so too...
As I already told you, I am a huge fan of vintage..so while surfing a bit on YouTube, i came across My Butterfly Kisses 's Channel...This girl, Arlene, is simply fabulous..and her ideas...amazing! Her videos are really worth watching...

The flowers are very easy to make..all you need is:
  • wired ribbon (around 2-3 cm wide), 
  • a needle
  • string
  • a hot glue gun
  • pearls
  • feathers
  • sequence or pearl string...

 I made mine to be brooches, I think they look really pretty as accessories!


Enjoy her fabulous Tutorial !

Vintage Jewlery Boxes

I've always known myself as being a fan of vintage ..So when I've discovered this style in Scrapbooking, I've decided to make also some beautiful altered vintage boxes...
Now the truth is the more you make of these, the better they look. 
Of course, there is a great variety of papers, inks, embellishments out on the market, so basically all you need is a little bit of imagination.
Things that make a box really look vintage are:
  • pastel colors
  • distress ink
  • vintage pictures
  • lace
  • pearls
  • roses
  • metallic embellishments
  • silk ribbon
  • jewelry
You can play around and paint the box, varnish it, glue distressed paper on it..you'll certainly get inspired.. You can create your own flowers, or use paper flowers (such as Prima flowers)... use stamps, emboss, gloss...Just let your creativity run free..;-)

My very first project 

These round ones were made of IKEA cardboard boxes (Pysslig). They come in 3 different shapes (heart, square and round) and in packaging of 3. 

The vintage pictures were purchased at La Blanche

 Regards, Bea