Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine's Day Yarn Wreath

If it's Valentine's Day, then there must be a few Valentine's decorations around the house! So this year, I thought to make one of my favorite wreaths..the simple and easy yarn wreath..
A simple but cute layout..all you need to make this is a polyester ring, grey yarn, white yarn and 8-10 pink and red felt hearts. Of course you can choose your favorite colors..but make's a passionate color...cause' that's what Valentine's Day is all about..Passion!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

My Scraproom :)


For quite a while I have been looking for a proper way to arrange my scraproom, in order to fit everything and be cosy and comfy..

After having been to Ikea a million times, I managed to get inspired and put everything in place and create a lil' corner of mine..just mine..:)

I used the EXPEDIT furniture from Ikea because it is very practical, and you can "hide" all your bulk supplies. Besides the 30x30 paper racks fit it just fine.  

The EXPEDIT desk which you can easily attach to the shelf is spatious enough.

A fun way to decorate the scraproom is to expose some of the most useful (and colorful) of your supplies. 

To have my ribbons and wooden stamps at hand I used the RIBBA (picture) shelf from Ikea..

This is a spice rack from Casa, that I spray painted pink. I store all the small embellishments such as buttons, pearls, brads... so fun to have everything at hand!

Last but not least I like to expose my "artworks" on the wall. The Ikea RIBBA frames are perfect for that!

Older Scrapbook Projects


I was looking trough my scrapbooking albums...It's been so long since i haven't done a proper 30x30 scrapbook page...
Was I too busy with mini albums, Christmas projects, Hand made decorations...origami.. that I forgot about my first love ...the 30x30 scrapbooking pages..?!
But however it seems that now I appreciate my older pages more than when they were originally done.. This is funny..:)


Baby's First Year Envelope Mini Album

I have recently discovered this cute Envelope Mini Album Technique on YouTube so I said to myself why not give it a try.. 
Well, envelopes are a cheap supply everybody got at home. I was astonished to see how easy this technique really is! You only need 6 long envelopes and scrapbook paper. It took me 2 days to finish this wonderful mini I am so proud of! 
I used the So Happy Together Mini Deck collection from Echo Park Paper and some older embellishments..
The mini will be a gift for a very good friend of mine who is going to have her first baby in May. 

Origami Star Ball

Want to fold this?
Tutorial Here

Little Boy

I Love Echo Park Paper. It is probably my favorite paper of 'em all! Their cute colorful collections are perfect for "children" projects.
However, they also make plenty of other layouts too, so you will always find some of their papers to fall in love with. :)
In the projects below I used the Little Boy Collection which is so cute !!! 

 And the fun part is that you can even "mix" two similar collections like in my
 "Little Boy, Little Girl" project below!
 My nephews look fantastic in this pic!

Fan Fold Flowers

Fan Fold Flowers are so cute and so easy to make! They perfectly embellish all your scrapbooking projects! 
Nowadays one can use the Tim Holz stencil to cut and fold the paper to create the Fan Fold Flowers but you can easily make them yourself. 

Here's a link to a TUTORIAL

I totally love making these! 


Yarn Wreaths

I totally love making these yarn wreaths. I found some inspiration on Pinterest a few months back, and ever since I just can't stop making them. So easy and cute! All you need is yarn and a polyester ring.  
Carefully wrap the yarn around your ring, I usually yarn two layers, and decorate with felt flowers or other embellishments of your linking.

  American Flag Yarn Wreath made for my Classroom Door. So Cute! 

Autumn Wreath 

 Another Autumn Wreath :)

Christmas "Fluffy" Yarn Wreath